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Why choose Meitetsu Bus?

Competitive fares!

More affordable!

Traveling by Meitetsu Highway Bus is more affordable than taking an airplane or the Shinkansen.

Direct routes!

Direct routes!

Save your precious time and yourself from the difficulty of transferring. Meitetsu Highway Buses take you directly to your destination.

Comfortable travel!

Comfortable travel!

Meitetsu Highway Buses are equipped with spacious seating and leg room, a restroom, air purifiers, and other useful amenities that will make your journey more comfortable and relaxing.

Safety first!

Safety first!

Meitetsu Highway Bus implements the following measures to ensure your travel experience is safe and sound.


Highly Trained Drivers

We keep on learning...

In order to keep up with the latest safety technologies and provide the safest ride possible, our annual education program offers practical and effective training to our drivers. To further enhance our drivers' ability to meet the safety of our passengers in all situations we actively utilize outside educational institutions and facilities.

Better Safety Through
Better Technology

Better Safety Through Better Technology

We make full use of the latest technology to prevent accidents and collisions. Our buses are equipped with devices for monitoring driver distraction, alarms with sensors that alert the driver if the bus is too close to the vehicle in front or drifts out of its lane, and a monitoring system that is comprised of seven cameras.

Impartial Service

Impartial Service Management

We have introduced a "new roll call system," in which finger vein authentication, a high-precision alcohol tester and a shift management system are unified, in order to make the driver readiness even stricter. Also, we always provide strict health checks for our crew.