Information for Customers Taking Buses

Fare categories: reserved seating and non-reserved seating

Adults Passengers 12 years old and over (Elementary school students are categorized as "children".) Adult Fares
Children Passengers between the ages of 6 and 11 (Children under elementary school age are categorized as "preschoolers".) Child Fares
Preschoolers Passengers between the ages of 1 and 5 One preschool child may travel free with adult accompaniment. (If the child is travelling alone, a child fare will be charged.)
Infants Passengers under 1 year old Free

* Plese note that children categorized as 'infants' and 'preschoolers' who require their own seat while traveling on the bus will be charged a child fare.

* We recommend that preschoolers sit in their own seat for safety reasons.

Changing your reservation (reserved seating only)

You may change your reservation any number of times at no extra charge.

Changing your ticket (reserved seating only)

Making changes such as time, seating and destination, can be done at our ticket counters. Your ticket can only be changed once at no extra charge. To make further changes, you must have you ticket refunded and purchase another one.

Ticket refunds (reserved seating only)

This can be done at our ticket counters. Tickets can be refunded for a service charge of ¥100 per passenger prior to the departure time. The return portion of a round-trip ticket is not refundable.

Lost tickets (reserved seating only)

If you lose or forget to bring your ticket, you must purchase another one-way ticket when you board the bus. We will issue a receipt that shows you have paid twice. If you find your original ticket later, please present it with the receipt at a ticket counter. You will be given a refund minus the service charge of ¥100. (There may be exceptional cases in which tickets cannot be refunded.)

Ticket inspection

If you are boarding a bus with reserved seating, you will be required to show your ticket to the driver when you board the bus and again when you get off. It is important you don’t lose your ticket until you get off the bus. If you are boarding a bus with non-reserved seating, you do not need a pre-paid ticket. Please pay the fare when you get off the bus at your destination.

Bus service

Highway bus services may be canceled because of dangerous weather or traffic conditions. In such cases, you can refund your ticket at our ticket counter free of charge. (Please note that SHORYUDO Highway Bus Tickets are not refundable at the counter. You must get it refunded at the travel agency where you purchased it.) Buses may also be delayed because of severe traffic or for other exceptional reasons. Please understand that we cannot offer refunds or compensation for the cost of missed connecting transportation or accommodations caused by the delay.

Bus rules and etiquette

Seat belts

For safety reasons, you should fasten your seat belt and avoid standing up as much as possible while the bus is moving.


Because many passengers use the luggage compartment, we may not be able to accept large luggage items. We also do not accept the following items:

  • - Luggage that is especially tall or long (long music instruments, bicycles, surfboards, skis, etc.)
  • - Valuable or fragile items
  • - Animals
  • - Dangerous objects or items which may injure other passengers
  • - Items which may damage the bus

You are responsible for loading and unloading your own luggage to and from the luggage compartment.

Carry-on luggage

Place your luggage in the overhead luggage rack so that it will not disturb other passengers. Be careful not to stow anything heavy or unstable overhead.

Responsibility for luggage

Please be responsible for your own luggage. We do not take any responsibility for luggage that is damaged, lost, or stolen.

Portable electronic devices

Set your cellular phone or smart phone to manner or silent mode in advance and avoid talking on the phone as much as possible. Also make sure that your music player or portable video game does not disturb other passengers by using earphones and keeping the volume low.


Communication is important, however, please keep your voice low enough as other passengers may be trying to sleep.

Eating and drinking

Be sure not to disturb other passengers while eating or drinking.

Reclining seats

Be considerate of other passengers when you recline your seat.

Suspicious items

If you find any suspicious items on the bus, inform the crew immediately.


Amenites available on board the bus are subject to change according to the bus routes and as specific circumstances require.

Lost articles

If you leave something behind on the bus, you can ask about it at one of our ticket counters.