Bus amenities

Enjoy the many comforts offered by our buses. To find out more about our amenities, please refer to the page specific to your destination.
The buses and amenities available are subject to change according to the bus routes and as specific circumstances require.

* The following amenities are offered on Meitetsu Highway Buses. (The amenities offered on board may differ if the service is operated by another company.)

* The amenities offered are determined by the type of bus.
Bus type is subject to change as circumstances require, such as during bus maintenance.

Types of Seats

  • - Four seats per row

    four-seat bus
  • - Three seats per row

    three-seat bus

Bus Amenities

  • * All the buses are equipped with a lavatory. However, we may operate a different type of bus without a lavatory in peak seasons or on other occasions.

  • - Restroom ⇒ A large lavatory with a sink

  • - Comfortable seat equipped with an electrical outlet ⇒ You can charge your smart-phone or other electronic devices. (100VAC)

  • - Plasmacluster ⇒ It prevents bacteria and viruses from propagating and keeps the air clean. ("Plasmacluster" and the Plasmacluster logo are registered trademarks of Sharp Corporation.)

  • - Clean Air ⇒ Our buses' air conditioners are treated with an anti-bacterial coating that always keeps the air in the bus clean and healthy.

  • - FREE Wi-Fi ⇒ MEITETSU BUS only.(In some cases,it cannot be used.)

* Conditions outside the bus may occasionally disrupt internet availability.

  • - A wet hand towel and green tea are provided free of charge.

  • - Blankets and slippers are available for use during the bus ride.